Our Brands

Summer House Drinks

Summerhouse Drinks are made with five ingredients or less and are made using ingredients found within our family farm (with the exception of the citrus fruits!). We have a range of flavours available from our classic Misty Lemonade to more differentiated flavours such as our Hint of Mint or Lavender Lemonade. Never made from concentrate, Summerhouse use the best quality ingredients and aim to have as clean a label as possible.


Belazu are the chosen supplier of middle eastern and Mediterranean food to some of the worlds most famous chefs including Jamie Oliver and Ottalenghi. With a company turnover of £45million, Belazu are listed in premium retailers in the UK such as Waitrose, Ocado, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and much more. Belazu have over 40 SKUs listed in Waitrose and they are also listed in independents and high end/Michelin star restaurants all over the UK. Besides the high end trade, Belazu are also listed in every UK supermarket including Tesco and Sainsburys. Try Belazus Rose Harissa, a product that sells every 41 seconds in the UK retailer scene


Duncans have been producing all butter traditional shortbread to the same family recipe for over 40 years which produces an unrivalled crumbly, melt in your mouth texture. Try our traditional All Butter Shortbread or White Chocolate and Raspberry Shortbread cookie.


Whittard’s never-ending curiosity to seek out unique blends and distinctive tastes has been bringing you beautiful cups of delicious tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for well over 135 years. As we continue to explore the globe, our ambition will always remain the same - to ensure every customer enjoys their own Whittard moment.

Mr Filberts

Winners of over 40 great taste awards, Mr Filberts set out to produce the tastiest healthy snacks on the market and their range includes nuts, olive snacks, corn and other Asian themed snacks. Mr Filberts have travelled the world to find the most interesting flavour concepts from using the best ingredients they can get their hands on. With packaging formats in retail, foodservice, impulse and an airline offering – there is a Mr Filberts product for every occasions.

Scottish Bee Company

Scottish Bees #1 selling Heather Honey gives a sense of Scotlands unspoiled wilderness and is a natural superfood! Their Heather Honey contains 10x more manganese than any other honey in the world (including the famous Manukas). Manganese is an essential mineral containing high anti-oxidant qualities and helps to activate enzymes in the body involved in protecting tissues from damage and in the metabolism of nutrients. It also helps maintain healthy bones. To ensure a high degree of transparency the Scottish Bee source all of their honey from Scottish beekeepers. They also conduct ISO and UKAS testing to demonstrate our honey is pure.

The Gin Bothy

Infused with cinnamon, cloves and mixed spices, Gunshot captures the spirit of the Bothy culture: where distilling tradition and ancient outdoor pursuits meet modern-day indulgence. Hand bottled, hand batched and hand poured, each batch is distilled locally in a 200-litre copper still then infused in the Bothy for up to four months.

Mrs Darlingtons

Marion Darlington began making her unique legendary lemon curd in her farmhouse kitchen 40 years ago. Fast forward to today, she remains the matriarch of the preserves world with few to rival her skill in creating delicious preserves and chutneys

Blackthorn Sea Salt

Blackthorn Sea Salt has more magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromines and other minerals than most, resulting in its unique flavour profile. This gives Blackthorn, in our minds, an unrivalled quality within the salt category and is why so many UK Michelin chefs have chosen Blackthorn as their preferred supplier. Blackthorn Salt also prioritises sustainability. The incredible Thorn Tower, thought to be the only working tower in the world, harnesses sun, wind and sea power to evaporate 85% of the seawater entirely naturally.

Our connections across the world with distributors, retailers and brokers, means our full service solution will maximise export opportunities in a complete and timely manner.